Patrick Weil (Sorbonne):

Senior Research Scholar in Law at Yale Law School and a senior research fellow at the French National Research Center in the University of Paris, Pantheon-Sorbonne. Weil’s work focuses on comparative immigration, citizenship, and Church/State law and policy. His most recent publications are How to be French? A Nationality in the Making since 1789, from Duke University Press, Why the French Laïcité is Liberal, Cardozo Law Review, June 2009, and The Anti-racist Origins of the American Immigration Quota System. Social Research, Volume 77, Number 1 (Spring 2010). Weil has worked extensively with the French government including participation in a 2003 French Presidential Commission on secularism and preparation of a report on immigration and nationality policy reform which led to new immigration laws. Weil also holds an appointment as Professor at the Paris School of Economics.